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    Issey Miyake Autumn / Winter 2013
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Sure to be the only Highlands-meets-electronica moment of the season, Issey Miyake brought us a rainbow reel at the Tuileries Ephemeral show space.

A tangible energy was transferred to an awaiting audience, as Japanese group Open Reel Ensemble performed in a raised chamber akin to the organ room in old churches. They twisted manual sound mixers to generate loud bagpipe melodies as models grinned their way down the catwalk, bouncing to the beat on low black and orange booties.

The collection sailed beautifully through the Scottish theme: plaid, tartan and houndtooth moved from traditional reds and blacks, into bright, contemporary visions. Mustard, hot pink, bright blue and green invaded pleated patterns. Wide silk trousers were split to the hip to reveal a layer of tartan; shirt and trouser sets were colour-blocked, merging leather accents with wools and wovens. Brightly dyed faux fur focal points around wrists were a fashion delicacy. Pleated asymmetrical shift dresses came sashaying out in crayon-box colours. Floor-length iridescent dresses shimmered in black and red, and black and emerald stripes.

Complete with a catwalk crossover reel routine, Issey Miyake’s homage to Scotland gifted us colour, cohesion, and an escape from the grey skies and monochrome seriousness that have come to dominate the Autumn / Winter 2013 Paris Fashion Week.

Symonne Torpy

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