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    Bora Aksu Spring / Summer 2015
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Exceedingly feminine yet theatrical in appearance, Bora Aksu’s Spring / Summer 2015 collection was focused on ballet, having evidently been inspired whilst working on costumes for the opera piece Werther previously. Layers are an integral part of the collection; layering transparency upon transparency to create shape, volume and texture. Organzas and chiffons formed gathered skirts and ruffles, almost reminiscent of Edwardian fashions – a trend also reflected through several necklines.

The theme of transparency continued further, with stark white and pale pastel crochet forming parts of the garments, revealing small splashes of skin through the loosely tied knots. The theatrics of the collection similarly shone through the colour palette, gradually transforming the clothing from innocent whites and pastels to almost mischievous blacks and blues.

Lorna Slessor

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