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    Illustrations by Bukanova
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Elisabeth Alekseevna Bukonovas colourful and multi-media based images are quite something to get lost in. Her variety of illustrations constantly shows expressive freedom in sketch and creating form. The main focus on Elisabeth fashion images is the body, loosely drawn lines, but placed perfectly in each composition that build up a character.

Layering colour and different media creates a completely new aesthetic in each of her pieces. Brown paper with paint, or cartridge paper with ink, then the final flicks of detail added with spontaneity. Elisabeth illustrations do not have a set design or focus on a specific factor such as fashion, but merely express the creative vision of what she sees.

Confusing, colourful, literal and layered, each of Bukonovas pieces of work conform to a different image and mood. Her work is ongoing and will keep appearing throughout the industry but not necessarily fashion based, keep an eye out for Elisabeth’s distinct style with freedom of line and personality.

Amy Hancock

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