• DASH Mahazine- Mao Geping
  • A model presents a creation by designer Hu Sheguang from Sheguang Hu Haute Couture Collection at China Fashion Week in Beijing
  • DASH-Magazine-Luo Pei
  • DASH-Magazine-PREEN
  • DASH-Magazine-SECCRY Hu Sheguang

Established in 1997 China Fashion Week has become a top-rated platform for fashion design, ready-to-wear, accessories, styling and other new designs and new technologies in China, as well as a tool for promoting brands, displaying originality and broadcasting fashion trends.

CFW Autumn / Winter 2015 opened its doors on 24th March and will run until 31st March between the Beijing Hotel and 751 D•PARK, Beijing’s creative zone, where fashion shows, professional contests, special forums, exhibitions and award ceremonies are taking place.

Judging by Mao Geping’s flowing gowns and bizarrely bejewelled make-up, Zhang Zhifeng‘s haute couture masterpieces and Sheguang Hu‘s spectacle last year, this year we can expect the unexpected.

Lea Bernetic

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