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    Walter Van Beirendonck, Autumn/Winter 2013, all images by Alejandra Gómez Vásquez
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After recently finishing his stint as a costume designer at the Opera Garnier in Paris, Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck brought forward his theatrical influences at this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Drenched in ’70s Glam references, Walter Van Beirendonck’s collection executes the theme of channelling references from a bygone era to a new contemporary dimension. With retro knitwear reliving Ziggy Stardust through multidimensional light reflecting materials used on both tops and bottoms mixed with geometrical patterns stitched to the garments, the collection parades a combination of conservative sartorial styles.

The almost cartoon-like choice of make-up applied on the groomed models combined with ornamental accessories, artfully coloured knitwear and vividly coloured platform shoes further highlighted the Glam rock influences of the collection.

Adina Ilie

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