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    Pringle of Scotland, Autumn / Winter 2013
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As one of the first luxury knitwear manufacturers in the world, Pringle of Scotland is an iconing brand with a long heritage of knitwear and a signature of argyle patterns and the classic twinset, defined by strong influences of British sophistication combined with a powerful mix of popular culture and contemporary style.

The Autumn/ Winter 2013 men’s collection offers a wardrobe that combines traditional tailoring and simplicity with the smoothness and comfort of knitwear. The herringbone knits are presented in charcoal with burgundy and navy with grey, whilst a traditional cable hand knit is enlarged for a rope-like effect, executed in the finest Scottish cashmere. The twinset theme is also explored with the use of knit from jacket to trouser throughout a complete look, and the pairing of knitwear pieces.

Nata Ros

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