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    All images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion
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‘Horsewhisperers’ is the new collection of exclusive hand drawn prints created by Estonian fashion illustrator and designer Kätlin Kaljuvee.

Kaljuvee’s focus is on creating ecologically sustainable art. Much of her inspiration is derived from the diversity and beauty of life, focusing on its co-existence with the destructive forces of nature and human impact. Using locally sourced silk and bamboo cotton, then printing her fabrics using an environmentally friendly technique, Kaljuvee aims to preserve the planet while creating beautiful, body-friendly clothing. Due to her sustainable manufacturing and impeccable craftsmanship, Kaljuvee was invited to take part in Berlin Fashion Week as part of the Baltic Fashion Catwalk for AW13.

The prints of Kaljuvee’s AW13 collection tell the folk tale of a community of gypsies who can heal and speak the language of the wild horses. Flowing and feminine, the atmospheric prints are outlined by dark, comic strip-style borders that emphasise the individuality of each drawing. The colour palette is stormy, with cloudy greys, dark moody blues and flashes of black, while the soft fabrics caress and flatter the female form.

Elysia Jenson

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