• Katrin-Funcke-illustrator-dash-magazine.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Swingkids (hosenanzug)
  • Katrin-Funcke-illustrator-dash-magazine2.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Miss France 1930
  • Katrin-Funcke-illustrator-dash-magazine3.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Brille und Haare
  • Katrin-Funcke-illustrator-dash-magazine4.jpg.5000x600_q90
    Guenther Wand

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in Braunschweig, Germany,Katrin Funcke started freelancing as an illustrator. Since then her work has been such a success that she gained several recognitions and awards including the ADC Gold. Her illustrations have been published worldwide in advertising, books and magazines including Playboy, Cosmopolitan and The Walrus.

Katrin considers music her main inspiration, but also people, faces and white paper. This is reflected in her style which she describes as ‘rough, vibrant and lively with strong lines’. Katrin is currently based in Berlin and represented byAnna Goodson Illustration Agency.


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