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Enrico Nagel‘s collages depict headless figures and perfectly shaped bodies. From their innermost part, something new seems to cut its way trough, as if it wanted to conquer the beautiful body. This interplay appears as a silent fight in which the creatures become vulnerable. In his work, the Berlin-based artist tells stories of beauty and fragility. He finds the ingedients of his collages in fashion and beauty magazines and mixes up fashion, jewellery, design, humans, and animals. He reduces and alienates all these elements until they take on a new meaning. His latest series called ‘One White’ contains references to the sea where he, for example, replaced the head of the models with shells.

Enrico has exhibited in Los Angeles, Japan as well as Germany and he has been featured in Elle Canada, the German Kaltblut magazine, Kinki Magazine and INDIE to name a few. He lives and works in Berlin.

See Enrico’s latest work expressly commissioned for DASH Magazine in our upcoming SS13 issue, to be released on 13th February.

1.Describe your work in 3 words: fashionable, dark and beauty.

2.Where do you get your inspiration from? I get inspired by science fiction movies. But a lot of my ideas dreams or i discover them in old books of fairy tails that i find at flea markets. The main objective is to create something beautiful, a composition of colors, sense and shape.

3.Could you tell me more about your later work the ”about white”? I choose the white backdrop in the “about white” series in order to have the full attention just on the silhuette of the collage . I didn`t do it for a longer time like this.

4.What kind of images could the readers expect from you for the latest issue of DASH? It will be a beautiful little girl standing close to a dark, scary gap. She is wearing a magic ring around her hips.


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