Bas Kosters 'Teach Your Children Well'

Bas Kosters ‘Teach Your Children Well’

This column is an ode to my father. My father suddenly passed away recently. As my family and I were with him during his last week, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind. I was suddenly confronted with his legacy. What did he teach me and what tools did he give me? My father was very caring, opinionated and engaged. Important life lessons of which I realised play an important role in my life. How special, that which a parent can give you. I am glad that my father recognised the lessons he taught me, because they form an important part in my work. Maybe therefore he was one of my biggest fans. He had the biggest collection of arousing and obscure Bas Kosters sweatshirts and T-shirts, which he wore daily.

As I am not a father myself, I came to think what my legacy would be. Something that is actually very important to me. I realised that my engagement is something I share with you in my weekly column, and in other parts of my work. I hope to give with the same love and passion as my father did to me. It might not be exactly the same as a father gives to his child, but I realised it works for me.

Bas Kosters

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