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    Zambesi, Autumn / Winter 2013
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The Zambesi label was founded in New Zealand in 1979 by Elisabeth and Neville Findlay. The collection designed for the Autumn / Winter 2013 season looks both, towards past and future. Their trademark vintage feel is combined with inspiration from futurism and modern punk.

For the womenswear collection, designer Elisabeth Findlay plays with the concept of structure mixed with a rebellious twist, creating clean and soft shapes combined with cigarette trousers. On the other hand, designer Dayne Johnston, for the menswear collection, has created very wearable and well-cut items, including both youthful and sophisticated styles, referencing the transition from boyhood to manhood. This is reflected in the use of shorts with the luxury of sartorially tailored coats.

Throughout both collections, the label’s dark beauty is enlightened by the silver platform loafers – key pieces that are equally mandatory and functional.

Michela Sasanelli

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