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    Toga Autumn / Winter 2015
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The Japanese designer Yasuko Furuta presented her Autumn / Winter 2015 collection for Toga in the old traditional wood-panelled room at the Chelsea College of Arts during London Fashion Week. She seemed to have drawn inspiration from her own heritage and upbringing with silhouettes reminiscent of the kimono and structured sashes. However, she mixed many different cultures together to combine Egyptian looking golden boots, plaid English countryside jackets and gingham flares. At first glance, the combination of these seemingly different materials, shapes and colours shouldn’t work, but the founder of Toga truly pulled it off. Ruffles, sheer panels, boxed shirts and metallic slippers all exuded a sensual mood of confidence. Yasuko paired daring, dramatic shapes with delicate fabrics to create a collection with a chaotic feel. After all the designer herself has famously stated, “I create for a complex woman who can only live in chaos.” A statement we fortunately found to be true.

Misha Skelly

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