Bas Kosters 'Oh No, I Ate A Croissant'

Bas Kosters ‘Oh No, I Ate A Croissant’

How does fashion influence the way we eat? I was a having a coffee recently and had a craving for a fresh croissant. The way it smells just makes you want to have one. But the fact was that I’d just come from the pool, to get some exercise and to kind of stay in shape. I actually felt kind of guilty after I ate that luscious croissant, although it was very tasty. But what does this guilt say about me, and where does it come from?

Fashion projects a very strong beauty ideal on its consumers, and the media does not really help either with a very judgemental and voyeuristic way of looking at celebrities. The ones that are successful and good-looking are put in the spotlight, and the ones that are out of control over their own lives are publicly shamed. You could conclude that people that can contain and preserve themselves or have good genes are applauded.

As we know, fashion is not only about clothes but also a term for what is the ‘new’ in any kind of matter. Probably you will have noticed that the ‘fashion’ in food is getting more and more healthy, organic and locally produced. But at the same time this trend has become a victim of commerciality. New truths are being released on a daily basis about local and international food products and industry, and the international food industry is the subject of constant discussion – which is good, but on the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to choose your path, and who to trust.

I am glad that every now and then fashion embraces alternative views on beauty and aesthetics, because why should we all look the same? For example, the steady march of plus size models, or rather, realistic models, and singer Beth Ditto on the catwalk for Jean Paul Gaultier.

So now, about that croissant, was my thought about the consumption of it a realistic thought? And how was it influenced by ‘fashion’. Is the constant projection of fashion’s beauty ideals interfering with my own self image, and the things I eat? Or is it just a personal thing. Some things are very difficult to pinpoint. Maybe the best thought would be that it is good to enjoy life, but also stay healthy, and consume with sense and moderation? So a croissant every now and then is ok? It sounds simple, but is it, hmmm.

Bas Kosters

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