CHATTY Spring / Summer 2015 ‘Protected Landscape’ collection

One of those labels proving that two heads are better than one, CHATTY started out as a ‘creative experiment’ by the talented duo comprised of Anna Tuskova and Radka Sirkova. They started to execute their vision and, realising their clothes designs in demand, turned their passion into a viable business that has been running for over a decade now. What makes their pieces so covetable is the unique cuts, quality of material, and high level of craftsmanship. As if this wasn’t enough already to keep the twosome busy, they hand-make a limited number of bespoke jeans under their sub-label CHATTYdenim. In a world of fast fashion, it’s a concept like tailor-made jeans that has put these designers at the forefront of many up-and-coming brands. The designers have been awarded and nominated for many awards including the Czech Grand Design Award.

Nada Abdul Ghaffar

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