That Coat Must Have Cost So Much Fabric

That Coat Must Have Cost So Much Fabric

I’m so confused this week; I just do not know what to wear. Last night when cycling home, it was just plain cold, and I was wearing a very optimistic summer outfit. I’m so longing for the summer, when you can just throw on some clothes, and not have to think about scarfs, mittens and other articles that keep you warm and snuggly.

But I realised this week that a lot of people are really confused lately. One big trend this winter was wearing a big, and when I say big, I mean BIG, coat, with flat shoes and no socks. Or, what is even stranger, those socks that look like you’re not wearing socks, but secretly you are. This look screams, brrrr, they must have really cold ankles, but at least they have a warm upper body, but, then again, a cold neck because this look goes without a scarf.

Although I’m a strong supporter of freedom of dress, I’m surprised about myself that I can find some things just odd-looking. Why would you wear a big warm coat but no socks? Are these people trying to confuse me? And, if so, why?And why do I, the one who goes out in shorts and boots in the middle of winter, find this inconsistency in their look surprising?

Should I not applaud the fact that there’s more than logic to dressing? Or am I just surprised that this confusion is merely inflicted by fashion, and not about a sincere choice to confuse and surprise? What remains is the big questions how this trend of confusion will adapt to summer wear? Will it be fluffy moonboots with a bikini?  Or a cut-off padded ski suit? In any case, let the summer come, please!

Bas Kosters

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