Hot or not? Hit or miss? Do or don’t?
Fashion is moving quickly, and so are magazines. With a significant online presence, magazines are feeding their readers on a daily basis through all the social media channels. To get into a dialogue with their readers, they ask their opinion on the latest trends. The sombrero: “Hit or miss?” Round sunglasses “Hot or not?” Platform sneakers “Do or don’t?” At first glance there’s nothing wrong with this discussion, although there are more important things to discuss than whether one can still wear a V-neck shirt. The reason I find these dialogues a ‘not’, ‘miss’ and ‘don’t’ is simply that we’re not to decide what one should or shouldn’t wear. Magazines could also teach their readers about individuality and diversity, and show inspiring examples of the art and joy of dressing. This being said, I’m going out today with platform sneakers AND a sombrero, olé!

Bas Kosters

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