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Whitetail designer Margit Peura used to be a doctor. Because she couldn’t find sustainable clothes, she quit gynecology and obstetrics to design them herself. That’s what I call a hands on approach.

In the collection showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin you will find organic silk, linen and cotton. There is one fabric only that does not have an organic certificate. The production takes place in Estonia, where Peura was born, while the label is based in Finland.

The designs are well cut and down to earth, for everday use. Whitetail might well be one of the brands that will help to get sustainable labels out of their muesli corner. Peura: “The design comes first. It is very important if we want to reach the kind of people we are interested in, who we think that are our clients. The sustainability is a nice add on for them. I’m hoping that this will change bit by bit.”

Björn Lüdtke

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