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Since 2007 the Berlin-based artist Annika Lischke is creating concepts and designs for photo shootings and film productions in Berlin, London, Paris and New York. Her assignments range from large scale set building to the creation of still life worlds en miniature.

Her collages display the very own style of Annika’s approach. She designs and creates the handcrafted original and is arranging and combining the pieces together with objects, in a room and situation to originate an exciting image. These compositions are built in various dimensions from spacious installations to petit jewels of paper craftwork. Annika’s canvas can be a white cube or a blank face – the result will be a vivid moment, an expressive constellation captured on film for commercials and editorials.

Annika collaborated with internationally acclaimed photographers such as David Bellemere, Indlekofer and Knöpfel, Mel Carch and Nathaniel Goldberg amongst others. Her work appeared in international and national publications such as Vogue Casa, Harpers and Queen, ZEIT Magazine, TUSH Magazine and DASH Online.

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