DASH-Magazine-Abi Jackson-gender-illustration

DASH has teamed up with the talented London College of Fashion fashion illustration students  to create a train of thought regarding the topic ‘Gender / No Gender’ to be expressed visually in an illustration underlining the upcoming artists’ style of line. After Dominika DrotosFederica MicheliJosie PayneKit Skellington and Robson StannardXiuching Tsay  Jessie Gardiner and Amie Twiner, this week we feature work by Abi Jackson. About her illustrations Amie says:

‘I was focussing on the iconic figure former Bruce Jenner and how his change to Caitlyn Jenner has impacted society with one very bold magazine cover shot. The physical change is still happening, so I wanted to include his former self, as in my opinion it still shows through. Adding the caption ‘Call me Caitlyn’ makes more of an impact and expresses that this is a permanent change, not a publicity stunt. I thought the quote was one of the most important aspects to include in my illustration.’

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