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Kiton is a bespoke tailoring business founded in 1968 in the province of Naples, where high-end couture has tradition. On his head was Ciro Paine, a fifth generation of fabric merchants, defining himself as one of the last interpreters of Neapolitan tailoring schools. Even though the company’s headquarters still are to be found in Arzano, and are now in the hands of the second generation, Kiton has successfully expanded into all international markets, and by establishing 53 flagship stores is employing over 780 staff worldwide. All of their stores reflect their felicitous combination of tradition and avant-garde you’ll find in the finish of their cuts. Last month saw the opening of their first boutique and at the same time flagship store in Switzerland’s Zurich, where we met its CEO Antonio De Matteis as well as a number of members of the Paone family business. Pass by this friendly store!

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