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A dreamy, poetic and very soft collection has been presented by Bola for Spring / Summer 2016 at Poland Fashion Week Fashion Philosophy in Lodz. Bola took a far step away from last season’s colour bomb print collection and a big one ahead in terms of unity and coherence. Thoroughly thought-trough, the numerous pieces were all off-white looks inspired by a dream of the Polish designer, a collection as intense as listening to Woodkid’s ‘Iron’ remix by Gucci Vump two days before your period is due.

A printed cryptic language seemingly from ancient times paired with beaded illustrations of hands reminiscent of old Greek, sculptural art together with a sleepiness unveiled by the models walking with their eyes closed and holding a decorated book with hand-knitted cover transferring us into a slightly displaced reality. The typography used has been made by London-based tattoo artist Michał Górka and the hands not only represent our morning movement rubbing the sleep off our face but also display the four letters of Bola’s name in sign language symbols. The Warsaw-based talent stresses the necessity of sleep, an underrated basic need, and the importance of dreams, which she wonderfully translated in this new work of hers. All I can see is poetry – your face, your face.

NoéMie Schwaller

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