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Anna Syczewska is the owner and creative mind behind Polish brand Anniss. The S/S 16 collection shown during Polish Fashion Week – Fashion Philosophy in Lodz is best described as mix of sharp silhouettes, bold colours and eye-catching patterns. Well-tailored suits are embodied with regular lines of pulse (as the title of the collection noted – ‘amplitude’). Leather details stand out by the combination of white and black with orange accents. Black leather dress seduces, while wide blue pants emphasis Anna’s designing DNA – somewhere between theatrical costumes and subculture’s fashions.

The spirit of good-old rock and roll clashed with comfortable sporty styles is visible in this summer collection. Anna’s inspiration comes from music and the glory epoch of new wave ascetics, rock and post punk. Due to broaden her horizons and open new possibilities, the brand has moved to London. As Anna Syczewska mentions – ‘London is completely different dimension than Poland, because people actually desire to stand out from the grey crowd, dress more courageous and conscious. Besides, London is very dear to me. Because of the music’s roots and subcultures’ ideologies that were born in the UK. Since the beginning of the brand, London’s aesthetics and fashion ideology were always on the horizon’ Anna says that moving the brand to London it’s like ‘coming back to brand’s roots, where she believes it’s her place’. Anniss surprises more and more with contemporary designs, without losing even a bit of its distinctive, avant-garde and sexy style.


Nata Ros

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