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Simplicity, functionality, technology and comfort: This is how you can describe Piotr Drzal’s style. His Spring /Summer 2016 collection shown during Fashion Week Poland Fashion Philosophy in Lodz and at ModaLisboa is sporty, effortless and modern. A perfect example of wearable, everyday style: The silhouettes shown on the catwalk can be successfully implemented straight into street looks. Attention is drawn with interesting ‘double’ styled shirts – traditional ones with a second one tied around the waist. The look is emphasised by metallic sneakers and headbands bringing to life ‘Karate Kid’. Drzal has well balanced the classic colours black and white with beige, navy blue and khaki.

Asked about his idea of fashion, Piotr Drzal says he wants to create ‘comfortable and functional clothes’, he wants to stress on his characteristic features and details, rather subtle and classic. The designer’s pieces should be the complements to the man’s closet, highlighting his style, which Drzal defines as ‘a collage of elegance, classic and sporty looks. I believe that those who like to mix different influences and put a new character to already exciting trends surely will find something in my collections’.

Nata Ros

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