Menswear designer Brachmann at Berlin Fashion Week

When talking to Jennifer Brachmann you feel that she lives to craft and design. She started out studying architecture but eventually turned to fashion design. Her interest in menswear stems from her roots in architecture, she claims. ‘In architecture you learn how to work with modules; I find the approach in menswear is similar.’

Thus many intriguing modules and well-crafted details are to be found in Brachmann’s collection for autumn / winter 2016: the double breasted waistcoat, the jumpers with square necklines and the trousers that come with a pleat at each side – when walking they look like breeches from the front, without actually being some, which is very clever.

As intriguing as the separate modules are, the collection might lack a contemporary connection. However, Brachmann is the designer to turn to if you’re looking for classic with a twist.

Björn Lüdtke

Illustration: Robson Stannard

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