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South London designer Clio Peppiat’s spring / summer 2016 collection is created in retaliation to the lack of strong female advocates in computer games today – she has created a new woman game player who is fully prepared for whatever the future throws. Reinforcing this idea, the female symbol can be spotted on some garments of clothing. Peppiat took inspiration from sci-fi films, such as The Fifth Element, explaining the spacey, futuristic vibes in this collection. Use of silver face paint, metallics and embroidered planets were present – ‘well, it’s my interpretation of sci-fi anyway’ states the creative. Amongst the cosmic ideas were nods at technology; ‘my space age digital girl handbags have built-in chargers with a battery’ says the designer, and indeed they do. Very forward thinking. Some of the garments also have illustrated plugs and chargers, relevant for the people today and for people to come.

Between these original themes, Peppiat illustrates her tongue in cheek humour with a very pink, very feminine colour palette, mini skirts and faux fur handbags of a ‘barbiesque’ nature. Kitsch appliqué kittens even chase a computer mouse on some of her pieces.

Jessie Gardiner

Pictures: Amelia Karlsen and Elliott Power

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