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In a Paris runway debut, Yosuke Aizawa marked his White Mountaineering’s 10th anniversary with an Autumn/Winter 2016 collection titled ‘Trailblazer’, where Japanese simplicity merged with the patterns and prints native to the Americas and far beyond. More than the utilitarian cuts and shapes appearing on the runway, this season seemed to be more a play on textures. Polished ikat-inspired jacquard reinforced the cultural influences as a faux-fur waistcoat was paired with super slim jeans. The trailblazer may not be an iconic trendsetter this season, but what is for certain is the unmistakable cool factor that White Mountaineering continues to deliver, through the label, its ongoing collaboration with Adidas and Aizawa’s new monochromatic sports line, BLK.

Brent Taalur Ramsey

Illustration: MRSCMillo


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