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Belstaff’s men Autumn/Winter collection for 2016 worked with the concept of ‘protection’ and the demands clothes require to meet it. The use of original fabrics, such as water-repellent tri-layer membranes, combined with Belstaff classics ensured comfort and warmth. Whilst remaining a wearable brand, Belstaff introduced undeniably cosy fur hoods, luxurious shearlings, lavish leathers and snug turtle necks. This is definitely a collection that takes you from the roughest terrains through to snowy mountains, whilst retaining style and comfort. If planning an adventure, these are the clothes you would seek to take with you. Even Sir Ranulph Fiennes, arguably ‘the world’s greatest living explorer’ is proud to star in the latest Belstaff campaign Worship the Ground.

Jessie Gardiner

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