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Sorry I’m not is a small up and coming Russian label. The team consists of four people under the creative direction of Nikita Moiseenko. Based between Moscow and St. Petersburgh, they combine the spirit of both pulsating cities. Unlike other Russian designers, who outsource production to Ukraine, they have all their garments ‘made in Russia’ – in the centre of Moscow to be more precise. As the director of the Russian Fashion Council Alexander Shumsky explains, locally produced garments are highly in demand in the Russian market, partly the result of international trade sanctions currently placed on Russia, which resulted in a renewed interest for locally manufactured goods. We talked to Nikita just before his first catwalk show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Nice to meet you, Nikolai. Who are Sorry I’m not?

There’s four of us. I’m the designer and create all the prints and the cuts – I design the clothes. I have an assistant who works with me on everything. Then there’s one of us who’s a producer and finally the fourth is a seller.

Tell us about your Autumn / Winter 2016 collection we are about to discover.

Our previous collections were very sporty, cotton print t-shirts etc. Now we’re trying to surprise our customers by making couture dresses with a lot of plastics, shine and glitter. We’re not letting go of our sporty streetwear roots but we want to give haute couture a try.

Sounds exciting. What has been your biggest inspiration?

It’s a female jelly fish taking over the runway and burning men’s hearts. We show some very sexy womenswear alongside unisex pieces.

Where can we get a hold of your clothes?

We have an online shop but our whole collection is ready to buy, we sell straight from the show and from our showroom here at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Moscow. We hope you can stop by tomorrow.

We shall. Thank you for your time and best of luck for the show!

Sabina Müller

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