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Lulu Liu’s collection this season was heavily inspired by the flamenco dance. Hence, there was a lot of movement throughout. Beautiful flowing dresses made distinctively Lulu Liu by the skill of her craft – various different detailed weaving techniques were notable and combined with abstract patterns and textural fringes. There were stronger pieces and more delicate ones, each defined by the cut or line of the dresses seen at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. This also varied the fluidity and flow of each one. The dresses came not only in all different styles, but in numerous colours too. Some of Lulu Liu’s pieces are much darker, in black or deep browns, others vary from bold flamenco reds to pastel blues. It is clear that this collection caters for all types of women. Each piece is different, yet all are elegant and glamorous.

Jessie Gardiner

Pictures: Olesya Asanovar

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