POLYPTYCH constantly zooms in on the modern status of fashion models as icons in an image-driven society where symbols and references are de-multiplied until they lose their meaning.

The dynamic collage-artworks mix codes and compositions from religious imagery, classical and neoclassical architecture, with strong natural apocalyptic background textures and paint strokes. The compositions also include deconstructed alphabets sampling models’ names, depicting the loss of identity that occurs when the girl becomes a cherished image – an icon, rather than a singular person.

We abstract ourselves in worshiping images of beauty.

Writer and Director: Damien Vignaux
Director of Photography: Philip Reinhold
Original Music: Tepr
Styling: Sophia Schwan
Make-Up: Anna Czylinsky and Natalia Soboleva
Models: Alexandra, Alicia, Inna, Julia, Katerina, Lena, Leyla, Luja, Pepa,
Sarah and Sophie @ m4 models management
Production Assistance: Jaq Szymczak
Produced with the help of Doity & m4

Styling includes pieces by:
Antonia Goy
Agata Bieleń
Helmut Lang via theOutnet.com
Hervé Léger via theOutnet.com
Isabell de Hillerin
Julia Birkenstock
Maria Black
Marina Hoermanseder
Martin Niklas Wieser
Michael Sontag
Oscar de la Renta via theOutnet.com
Vibe Harsløf
Vladimir Karaleev

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