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Everything stops. There are no sounds of birds singing softly or the wind whispering to leaves. All that can be heard is the loud, yet equally gentle noise of Rachael Mansur and Florianna Gavriel’s Autumn / Winter 2016 collection. It is a story in itself with clean cuts, clear colours and shapes. With the design of their classic accessories from bucket bags to slip-ons, these upcoming stars have discovered originality hidden in the deepest levels of simplicity. With their unique work, they have stolen breaths away and taken flight on a wave of unprecedented triumph.

Even after staring in awe at the picturesque images on Instagram of accessories adorned on simple backdrops, we can still hear the soft hum of the dewy colours of Mansur Gavriel’s collection echoing in our ears. It is a tune not easily forgotten.

Tumi Taiwo

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