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At The Vinyl Factory in Soho a carefully selected group of graduates from Middlesex University Fashion Design and Fashion Textile showed their final collections on 6th June 2016. Will the school find a new Christopher Raeburn? We definitely saw talent and interesting shapes within the collections.

In general, the graduates did not seem scared to make a statement, take chances and play with gender roles, while the general shapes were mainly oversized created by a lot of layering.

Flora Yeseul Yun showed a gender fluid collection that can be worn by men and woman. The main colours were grey, pink and purple and conveyed a summery feel. We’re awaiting the next opportunity to wear one of the floral embroidered blazers with a big bow, however Yun also made clear that it’s not yet time to place our turtleneck sweater in storage.

Interesting cut-outs and rings were some of Melaine Miles main features in her collection. She found interesting ways to place rings in different positions but also included fresh cut-outs and showed an intelligent way to include a variety of fabrics and patterns – her strength as a fashion textile print student – while the collection also included pastels and a fair bit of lace.

Picasso and the surrealists as well as some influences from the 1990s are back with Minji Kim and her full denim outfits. Except of some sequined faces, white and navy blue fabrics all outfits were of a dark denim, which had been worked into layers and oversized shapes. Just as Yun’s collection, Kim also showed a gender fluid approach.

My Olsson Pajkin

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