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The couture in orbit fashion show at the Science Museum London on the 25th of May featured smart and designed clothes to mold with the body. Prominent fashion universities were selected to exhibit their creations based on the countries of the astronauts who travelled to space. Each designer was challenged to design garments that would be suitable to wear in space and the results were phenomenal. One of the creations that stood out was from a Danish student from the Fashion Design Academy  named Kamilla Sadol. She mentions that the technology essence of the project was a major factor to her research and design. Her inspiration was based on the procedure that astronauts perform, transforming urine and sweat to water. She then challenged herself to implement this strategy into the textiles used for her project and came up with one that extracted sweat from the body. The particular garment was a monotone drawstring jumpsuit that gave off a baseball jersey look along the neckline and a fitted head cap giving a streamline vibe to it. Like Kamilla Sadol, most of the other designers implemented the ath-leisure trend to the idea of outer space.

Watiri Murai

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