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The Milan-based designer Liborio Capizzi and his label Di Liborio have reinterpreted the classic men’s wardrobe for a Spring/Summer 2017 collection with sartorial humour, unexpected materials and a surprising amount of personalities not often seen on the runway.

There were the punk kids, the dapper dads and the draped elderly, but the main takeaway from the collection is his remarkable spirit and energy when it comes to his garments. Palpable in every look, Capizzi’s excitable approach to design comes to life with a lived-in aesthetic – complete with deconstructed shapes, proportions and natural fabrics.

A refreshing collection to see walk down the runway, it wasn’t a typical Milan line-up: Ultra-light silk organza, cotton voile, mercerized yarn, washed silk and pashmina wool have been combined, overlaid, inlaid and embroidered. What starts off as a classical range of cardigans, tailored blazers and pants quickly turns into the grunge, the deconstructed and the urban, crossing all boundaries of age, gender and expectations.


Brent Taalur Ramsey

Illustration: MRSCMIllo

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