It’s almost September, so in fashion land that means it’s time for ‘The September issue’. It is an exciting and stressful time, for those who work at one of the large fashion titles it has been a manic time – like giving birth to a whole new season of fashion. In this digital era, the September print issue is still very important, a way for magazines to present their vision and connect with their readers. Although the digital platforms surrounding the issue are also becoming more important, as we see by numerous making-of videos which tickle our appetite. In the current magazine climate it’s a battle to stay on top, and the September issue is the way to differentiate yourself.

So if the September issue is such an important marketing tool, why don’t we see this reflected in other areas in the field of magazines? Magazines about cars, fishing, gaming or food could teach us what to drive, catch, play or eat this coming season, and what not to. After all, it’s good to stay ahead of the game. Talking about food trends: In my humble opinion, I think green peas are going to make a come back. Bon appétit!

Bas Kosters

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