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To taste, feast and cook – from 8th to 18th September 2016 it’s all about food and drinks in and around Switzerland’s Zurich. Zurich Tourism and renowned partners from the gastronomy and tourism teamed up to foster and clearly position the food scene in the region. FOOD ZURICH combines established happenings such as the Street Food Festival or The Epicure with over 90 other events. On the programme are urban slaw dishes, rank growth based cooking classes, city apiarist workshops, tours through underground kitchens, master classes by starred chefs and of course a FOOD ZURICH party to take place at the engros market. For the eleven days the Basque country is guest partner and the Basque Culinary Center’s chefs will present its culinary stronghold.

The city’s most prolific cooks will be part of the festival, starting with a bunch of five-star hotels attuning for the days to come at the opening night at department store Jelmoli’s FOOD MARKET. Tal Ronnen, American celebrity chef for vegan cuisine,will conjure unique dishes together with Oliver Rais at the hotel Baur au Lac. Hamburger top chef Norman Fischer exclusively opens up his kitchen door for a day and allows one person to come see his skills. His compatriot Holger Stromberg, German national league’s cook, will guide through an evening at the Fifa World Football Museum, while master chef Pascal Schmutz will dish up an aphrodisiac four-course-meal at the Swiss Casino Zürich. International chefs’ creme de la creme cook at the Dolder Grand, when starred Heiko Niederer invites to the The Epicure’s third edition. Not on such a high level, yet no less tempting, are two school classes of juvenile migrants and asylum seekers, who will serve an exotic dinner with regional ingredients inspired by their home countries, or Maurice Maggi – a gifted cook, guerilla-horticulturist and knowledgeable in the local flora – who will take his guests on a journey through Zurich’s world of plants. Some of the events – from haute cuisine to street food – can be attended by ticket holders only.

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