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Louis Vuitton never seems to stop innovating. With Nicholas Ghesquière’s fun cuts and constructions of leather, he keeps bringing more and more heat to the runway. This pre-fall collection was anime-inspired and, despite having such an eccentric approach, is still very wearable for day-to-day events – that is, if you are the type to dare to make an audacious statement. Louis Vuitton plants symmetry in their garments and appreciates the protagonist in women, while their garments feature a virile feel. At the same time, a lightning bolt of femininity strikes with the construction of the LBDs, leather monochrome catsuit and the never-ending glistening leather gloves. The exaggerated construction brings out edginess and belts at the bust, high neck zipped collars and the different colours of leather are a breath of fresh air to the fashion scene. The brand  brings out the inner anime vixen in a very sophisticated way.

Lookbook Credits:

Pictures : Karim Sadli 

Hair : Damien Boissinot 

Make-up : Lauren Parsons 


Words: Waitiri Murai

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