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Steven Tai distinguished the girly nerd this season in a very suave manner. He clasps the indelicate sensation that the nerdy fatale may convey. This Autumn / Winter 2016 collection is flattering, refined and has peaceful tones and prints, despite their gallant constructions: Cute co-ords with oversized jackets giving it just enough edge; puffy padded jackets with floral embroideries to kiss it with perfection. The collection gives out the perception of law students in the 1950s: young, seductive, but still chic and venerable. Pretty textures, such as the lilac corduroy, cute accents like the pearl buttons and the masculine cuts gave it an all round aesthetic that was consistent throughout the collection. The white socks and stockings, leg warmers, trench coats and accents of plaid gave it the perfect back-to-school look that coinheritances with the nerdy girl concept. Bring out your racy, stylish nerd with Steven Tai this coming winter.

Words: Waitiri Murai

Pictures: Joe Hart

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