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Imagine being dragged back 40 years in time and end up in 1976 – Ida Sjöstedt would surely be there, too. Her spring / summer 2017 collection shown during Stockholm Fashion Week has a strong 70’s vibe to it but keeps true to that signature style Sjöstedt has built for the last couple of years: sweet and perfect with a lot of lace elements. Yet there are some plastic raincoats that flirt with the 90’s and we would have been the coolest kids in town if only we had one of those back then. 

‘Heal the World’ is the name of this collection, in which from head to toe everything is perfect. Flawless make-up meets butterfly hairstyles made for a Tumblr moment, while the background at Berns – specially created for this show – features two doves representing peace. Last year Princess Sofia, the Duchess of Värmland, got married in a gown from Ida Sjöstedt but next summer everyone can feel like a princess in one of last collection’s dresses.

Words: My Olsson Pajkin

Pictures: Mathias Nordgren

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