Olivier Rousteing takes us on an exotic journey with his Spring / Summer 2017 menswear collection tainted with a clear oriental feel. The Arabic inspired looks meet perfectly Balmain’s quintessentially sophisticated tailoring and crafted jewellery-like pieces. One of the statement looks of this is are a belted, knee-length silk tunic over a pair of long johns paired with a gold fringe necklace and colour-matching sandals.

Sophisticated silhouettes like a long silky robe with matching flared trousers contrast with more adventurous ensembles such as a black laced poncho jacket incrusted with flat nails and metallic pieces styled over a pair of sarouel trousers.It is impossible not to talk about the work of denim in the collection. Rousteing goes from presenting a light total denim look to creating a denim jacket largely incrusted with sequins and metal ornaments. While progressing through the show colours go wild. Starting with monochrome silhouettes of nude, black or denim the collection gradually shifts to offer unexpected block colour combinations and stripes. Orange brick meets royal blue, turquoise and bright orange pair with black and khaki green. Overall the show is truly a graceful blend of Balmain’s ostentatious heritage of luxury and sparkle with a rather laid-back, almost street vibe.

Words: Camille Tillet

Illustration: Marcell Naubert

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