Lin Lingerie’s Autumn / Winter 2016 collection is the perfect encounter and mixture between the
aggressive impact of thick straight lines and the transparent elegance of refined lace. The
wearer’s body is wrapped up in handmade pieces inspired by minimal design and
oriental floral decorations, refilling the triangular spaces drawn by the linear structure.
Satin and velvet, pink holographic inserts, black and white, lace and voile coveri the
skin. Bras are light and delicate, both high and low-waisted panties gracefully follow the
body’s structure. Inspiration from fetish practices and 1950’s lingerie meet in each piece of
this collection, transmitting intense sensuality and femininity. The collection is young and
sexy, inspired by those “greedy” women who are not scared to cover up their skin and
show off their pride.

Words: Giulia Burti

Illustration: Marcell Naubert

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