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What do we think we hear the word ‘underground’? The vision of a hidden and dark society, maybe, or outstanding designs, daring colours, too bright or too dark for most of us to wear. Well, it’s only partially like that when it comes to Underground‘s  Autumn / Winter 2016 collection. Alternative pieces turnt into wearables, achieved by the morbid lines of today’s trainers with the high soles of creepers. A mix of the aggressive looks belonging to the 1970’s London punk wear and the holographic patterns of the 90’s trends. Not too easy, not too hard to match with different styles, especially because Underground’s new collection comes in different colours and fabrics – although leather is an ever green when it comes to underground style. Trainers – both high and low ankled – and sandals, to be worn with catchy and edgy socks, are no doubt the symbol of London’s fashion evolution and the constant return of the city’s cultural and social movements of the past.
Words: Giulia Burti
Illustration: Marcell Naubert
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