Boy by Boy offers four key styles for their collection: Street themes were ‘ground force, ‘military’, ‘tech’ and ‘leaders’. The ‘ground force’ entailed pixelated camouflage prints on looks with utility pockets, buckles and belts and had very masculine yet dynamic polishes. The ‘military’ sector featured models with their hands dipped in red paint and black attire, while the ‘tech’ section had models with metal headgear and pieces, metal collar accessories and showcased a digital version of shades of grey. Last but not least came the ‘leaders’ sector, giving off a very preppy vibe with monochromatic facets. Neutral tones were displayed in some of the sections and despite the motionless positionings the show managed to convey the collection as a movement or force. Accessories included the trendy dad cap and outerwear was a major key for the spectacle. The backgrounds of the four sections gave contextual reference to the key styles, which was stimulating to see. Clean, fresh and epitome of what every fashion-forward Boy would wear, by BOY.

Words: Tiri Murai

Illustration: Sue Dray

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