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The OXO Tower Gallery is the perfect location to set a fashion illustration exhibition. It’s already dark outside, the river under your feet and warm lights are welcoming you in. The atmosphere is relaxed, you can slowly appreciate the work hung on the walls, sipping a fresh mojito while the sound of your steps on the wooden floor lead you to the next piece of art. Talking to Velwyn Yossy, an Indonesian doll, I find out she lived both in the US and in London. But she is not the only one who had the chance to display her art. In fact, this exhibition titled ‘Connecting Lines’ is the result of an initiative of different artists, who are friends before being colleagues. Frida Wannerberger graduated at Central Saint Martins in 2013 and says to have a passion for all that is beautiful. You can tell from her ‘naive’ works, stylised human figures whose skin is just as white as the paper it was born on, but the hair always assuming an unusual colour and texture. One illustration representing Sailor Moon strikes particularly. They are very different from the one designed by Velwyn, who takes inspiration from the concept of ‘kawaii’ – ‘cute’ in Japanese – that she brings to its extremes untill it actually becomes creepy. Connie Lim from Los Angeles (CA) prefers more soft and accurate designs, refined with pastel colours and metallic gold – perfect for couture. Last but not least is Poppy Waddilove, who paints long necks and heart-shaped lips, almost avoiding the use of lines to concentrate and draw with chromatic variations. All styles have their very own right to be celebrated, and that’s what we’re doing right here – cherish the beauty fashion illustration and the women behind it.

Giulia Burti

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