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Basus, a French brand that is simultaneously urban, innovative and inspired by nature, was founded by Florence and Stan Desmarty, a somewhat typical Parisian couple, who both enjoy architecture, fashion, design and adventure. Engaging in a vehicle for their myriad interests and passions. Their roles fell into place: Florence has a background in production, with a creative mind and an appreciation for the avant-garde, while Stan is the marketing mind of their union.

A simple hobby and an excuse to work together evolved into a company, when in 2011 they launched a mini collection with youthful styling, Parisian sensibility and unique materials. In 2015 they opened their concept boutique in Paris showcasing the cork leather material they’d developed – both natural and recyclable. The material, a symbol of sustainability and eco-consciousness, would become a recurring element in all of their collections.

With an attraction to the mixture of materials, clean lines and the structure of clothing, their collections are composed of a pure and minimalist design and are inspired by nature, architecture and urban environments. Basus clothing is designed in Paris while the

collections are made primarily in France and Portugal. All materials are high-quality textiles from Europe and Japan. Sustainability and a minimal impact on the environment is of utmost important to the brand creators.

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