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Who would have ever imagined that 1990’s accessories could match so perfectly with bulging Victorian sleeves? Drome, launched in 2008, presented at Paris Fashion Week an Autumn / Winter 2016 collection featuring a variety of styles and suggestions, showing how diversity is keen to turn into a ‘game strong’ when used properly. The must-haves for this seasons are raincoats and jackets, designed with a peculiar fixed structure based on straight lines, fake fur and notable lengths. Black and blue leather matches colourful patterns playing with dark shades of yellow and red. Some spotted grays and whites completed the moving scene on the catwalk while large belts keep the waist tight and visible. Last but not least, nude is to mention as a fundamental aspects of this year’s fashions. Drome makes it the models’ wrinkled second body, with a skin-to-skin contact stressed by volumes and cuts. 90’s clueless schoolgirls meet their own future in these straight and effective looks, turning almost into a punk version of Elizabethan dames.


Words: Giulia Burti

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