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As one of the founding designers of the Belgrade Design District, as well as a dominant figure in the Serbian fashion scene, it’s no surprise that Budislava Kekovic’s catwalk presentation during Belgrade Fashion Week would be a fixture of the week. And sure enough, even looking back, her dark hues and bunny-eared masks remain vibrant in our memories.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any drab notes from among this monochrome collection; her smooth lines and fluid silhouettes appeared almost sculptural, as a sheer polka dot fabric provided a balanced and lightweight, yet bold, impact. Strong, sophisticated and textural, Budislava and her new collection were easily two of the most major highlights of the week – and we only wish we could’ve walked away with the large leather tote she introduced to us at her store in Belgrade Design District (a must-visit on your next trip to Serbia!).


Words: Brent Taalur Ramsey 

Photos: Courtesy of Belgrade Fashion Week

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