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As we could all agree, Fashion is a way of communicating and expressing ourselves. In the XXI century, the era of social media, Fyodor Golan presented their Spring / Summer 2017 collection displaying how digital and fashion can intertwine. The result is an edgy, futuristic, fluo-version of a cyber-teenage, hidden behind mirrored sunglasses. Techno vibes and holographic fabrics walked their path as golden avatars moved onto huge screens, the only – and perfectly well-fitting – feature present in the large room. Everything about Fyodor Golan’s designs screamed ‘innovation’, starting from the uncommon combination of fabrics and geometric, floral patterns drawn in bright fluo tints. But that’s not all, two-piece denims and thigh-high boots were also released, decored with eccentric fake diamonds and matched with furry accessories and inevitable shades. The lines mainly run straight to the floor referencing those 70’s disco trousers we’ve recently seen in so many movies. A suggestion leading to a fundamental detail of the collection was the interaction between the complicated decorating patterns and the simple straight lenght of the clothes. Once again, a symbolic representation of the interaction between plastification and nature. All of it was just as striking as the unexpected touch of Rococo on the ruffled denim skirt.

Words: Giulia Burti

Illustration: Marcell Naubert

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