As soon as we enter the room, our presence is surrounded by a dark and enigmatic atmosphere, whose energy derives from the embellished pieces worn by the standing models. With lights pointed at the soft flowing of the feminine silhouettes, our gaze is drawn onto those pale static figures. Fluidity and rigidity meet in the intriguing works of Manuel Facchini for his Spring / Summer 2017 collection. Sculpture, his perpetual and fascinating starting point, was once again the main inspiration, yet this time the designer did not stop midway through. In fact, he decided to temporarily slide away from cold and dead marble to explore the slow and graceful movements of the Bella Splendends – a fighting fish. This controversial clash was entitled ‘Underwater Couture’. The aquatic feel is palpable, but the dresses also remind of aggressive alien creatures with lace pins coming out of their glittery and romantically moving cuirasses. The tight designs made of fine organza look as if they had been made to be eternal, just like a precious new skin evolving around the immutability of its own preciosity. Thin layers follow each other until the body turns into an opaque shade, a permanent accessory hidden under Facchini’s architectural and fluid pieces.

Words: Giulia Burti

Illustration: Sue Dray

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