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One of the rising stars in the Serbian fashion scene, Sonja Jocic revealed her new collection at Belgrade Fashion Week, following her wins at The Elle Fashion Award (for the best fashion show) and the TEXTIL Young Designer Award (for best young designer). But, what makes Sonja Jocic so special isn’t the awards she’s been collecting lately, but her approach to fashion design – and that’s one of zero waste.

The collection she presented earlier this month, called “Zero Percent” (named for the fact it’s zero percent wasteful), showcased her dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion with a series of monochrome and grey separates, accentuated occasionally with shades of blue. Almost every look captured the model’s movement with a flow of minimalist forms, fluid lines and Jocic’s signature oversize shapes. It’s often hard to find a zero-waste fashion label worth its time on the catwalk, but Sonja Jocic’s balance of design and eye for sustainable fabrics proved us otherwise. She was a new name to us when we arrived in Belgrade, but has since become one we deeply adore and believe in; we hope you will too.

Words: Brent Taalur Ramsey

Pictures: Kerry Curl / The Glass Pineapple

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